New Theme

Hey everyone! Halloween is over and my blog is back to normal. Well…. Almost normal. 😉 As you have probobly noticed the theme of my blog has changed. I thought you would think it was a cool change. Im sorry about the delay for announcing any beta testers for the web site, I have been really busy and have not had much time to get on my blog or E-mail. But today I will look through the comments and send the E-mails. Thanks for reading my blog!

Coming soon…..

Coming soon…… Monsters of halloween have taken control of my blog!! Look for links to halloween games, a whole new style of blog, costume contests and more… And remember, never EVER click the forbidden link…… Log on October 27 if you dare…….

My Website is on The Air

Hey everyone! My website is up and running for beta testers now. If you want to be a beat tester, then please let me know by commenting on this post and saying you would like to be one. If you are chosen to be a beta tester I will e-mail you the URL of the website. Beta testers will be announced between now and the beginning of November. Thanks for reading my blog!

I’m back (and with a huge announcement)

Hey, everybody! I’m sorry I have not been blogging in about a year but that’s about to change! Every Wednesday I will be posting something new. And now for the HUGE announcement ………………………………… A WEBSITE!  I will add games and links and videos and maybe, if I can find a way, even chat! If it turns out how I’m hoping, it will be like a online hangout! Soon, once I have made a version of the site, I will make some people beta testers. Thanks for reading! I will update you on the website soon.

New Idea!!

This week I decided that I will still be doing regular posts on Fridays and I will also be doing another post during the week that is on a topic that you want to hear about.  I will let you decide what YOU want to know and I will randomly select one topic from the comments. It can be anything – a question, something about an animal, upcoming events… Leave your ideas for my post in a comment now.  Voting begins now so don’t wait.  I will post it by 1:00pm  next Wednesday, so comment now!

Rocco (updated)

Rocco is home at last!

Rocco is home at last!

About a week ago I told you all about Rocco. And……… Drumroll please!………………………………………………WE GOT HIM!!!!!!!
PARTY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ok so back to normal. I just completed a diorama of a Native American tribe called the Seminoles! Soon I will post pictures of the completed diorama. Untill then goodbye. Thanks for reading and keep reading my blog!


Hey, it’s me Jonah. I’m back from being away from blogging for about two months. Sorry for not posting in so long. I plan to start posting pretty much every week from now on. The big news is – I might get a new dog tomorow. Its name is Rocco. I sure hope we get him. He is a labradoodle, and I am so excited!! We will have to wait until tomorow to know if we get him though. We have to see if he gets along with us and then we have to let him meet our other two dogs. I cant wait! 🙂