Blogging Challenge #2 – My New Avatar

As part of the blogging challenge I have a new avatar now. It is made out of Legos from a website that I heard about on the challenge blog. I hope you like it.  Don’t try building it out of real Legos because most pieces are pretty rare or don’t exist.  Thanks to my Uncle Eric for heping me get it on my blog.

5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge #2 – My New Avatar

  1. One and Two here.
    We had a blast with Jonah, Melanie and Venise. We are glad Jonah got to see all the snow, because since he left there has been no more snow and the snow has melted. He is our good luck charm.
    We like him a lot.

  2. Hi Jonah,

    I am helping Miss Wyatt with the blogging challenge.So I thought I would come back and see what you had added to your blog from the last time I have visited.

    I really like the avatar you have made. My students love this site and they really enjoy making different avatars as well.

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